2017 08 06 Cutting workshop

If you have a sewing manchine and/or overlocker, and it is portable, we have tables and power points!

Also bring dressmaking sissors, craft sissors, cutting boards and other cutting equipment.

Check the event description on the Facebook group to see waht we are planning to do next.


For the screen printing activity we needyou to bring your:

  • apron, or old clothes that are ok to get ink on!
  • clothes aireres,
  • hairdryers,
  • iron, 
  • ironingboard,
  • rags,
  • old tea towel (for protecting your iron from the  ink),
  • newspaper,
  • drop sheets
  • hose with fitting to clean the screen at the end

 As soon as we find a suitable place to make our home, there might be some storage space for us, but until then, we have to bring in this equipment and take it all away again.

The community house is a multi-use room, and we leave it clear, clean and tidy for the next group!

2017 05 21 Printed logos drying